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Sorry, I don't know who to credit, but it is beautiful.

   How a Mariner in trouble sees the Coast Guard.  A fitting tribute to the Light House Tenders, Aids to Navigation, and Search & Rescue crews that are the real Coast Guard.  The Bozos at Homeland Security and DEA can get stuffed...

Antarctic Support Activities Unit Patch
    I was Coast Guard from 1968 to 1974. Two of those years were spent aboard the Burton Island (W-283). At the age of 17, I won't claim it was pleasant, but today I retain mostly the good memories.

And yes, penguins really are cute.  These are Adelies, about a third the size of an "Emperor"

Recently I stumbled across a couple of stories about McMurdo and Mt Erebus.  They are the sort of stories that come out of that part of the world.  Short and to the point.  Take too long in the telling and your words will freeze before they get out.  Antarctica, for all the years we have been exploring it, is still a mystery.  Literally, the most inhospitable place on the planet.  In a manner of speaking, I suppose these could be called "Sea Stories" in their own right. So, have a look:

A Christmas Story - A Moment Frozen In Time...Antarctica

Life And Death In Antarctica

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Tall Ships_  The Sextant
    Without this instrument of navigation, mariners of old could never have sailed the world, opening new cultures and ideas. This instrument saw common usage until fairly recently.   Although at my age, "recently" covers a lot of territory.
RailRoad Museum_
Heart of Dixie Chapter, NRHSociety, Calera, Alabama.
   Operating Diesel and Steam railroad equipment. Numerous restoration projects.

Stuff I Like__ Personal Opinions
There is so much more to the web than porn and video games. I often get lost in these sites for hours on end. This stuff won't rot your brain, though. If that's all you want, better stick with television and video games.

I have some personal writings here, some things that are important to me that I'd like to share with the world.  And some technical stuff I have done for other hobbiests.

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